Cuban on trade front: 'Surprisingly quiet'

DALLAS – It took Mark Cuban five words to sum up the Mavericks’ activity in the trade market.

“Nothing going on,” Cuban said. “Surprisingly quiet.”

It’s not just that the Mavs have yet to engage in discussions they deemed interesting. They haven’t engaged in many discussions at all.

Donnie Nelson’s phone is typically ringing on a regular basis at this time of year. That hasn’t been the case leading up to this trade deadline, according to Cuban.

With 19 hours to go before the deadline, Cuban figured that might change, but he certainly didn’t sound like a man who expects to make a deal.

“We’ll listen to everything,” Cuban said. “We won’t just do something to do something.”

Cuban talked to the media before news broke about the Rockets reportedly making two deals, acquiring fifth overall pick Thomas Robinson in a multi-player deal with the Kings and sending former first-rounder Marcus Morris to Phoenix for a second-round pick. Those deals were the first real action during the week before the deadline.

“I thought there’d be more activity, at least discussions,” Cuban said. “You never know. Maybe the last second, things will happen. But everybody wants a super sweetheart deal and nobody wants to give it.”