Charles Barkley: 'Ship has sailed' on Mavs' playoff hopes

Charles Barkley returned to ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM, joining Fitzsimmons & Durrett on Wednesday afternoon to talk about the Dallas Mavericks, among other things:

Can the Mavericks make the playoffs:

"They've got zero chance to make the playoffs. They're three games out. They're not better than the three teams that they're chasing. And they'd just get mauled in the first round of the playoffs. C'mon, man. That ship has sailed. Just let it go."

Would you like to see the NBA season shortened?

"I would love to see them to shorten the NBA season to 70 games and start after Christmas. Nobody can touch college football and pro football as far as excitement. If we would move the season back and shorten it to 70 games, maybe even 65, and start right around Christmas like we did ... The lockout, it had the best ratings we've had in 19 years, and it's because it started late. The football fans were pretty much done. They were getting ready for the playoffs. I would love to see them shorten the season to 70 games and start around Christmas."