Race for 8th seed: Schedule comparison

DALLAS –The race for the West’s eighth seed heads into the home stretch with the Dallas Mavericks trailing the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers by a game and a half.

With an assist from ESPN Stats and Information, here’s a quick comparison of the remaining schedules for the three teams. (Note: Strength of schedule is the average winning percentage of the opponents.)


Strength of schedule: .485

Home games: 4

Road games: 5

vs. .500+: 4

Back-to-backs: 2


Strength of schedule: .562

Home games: 6

Road games: 2

vs. .500+: 5

Back-to-backs: 1


Strength of schedule: .522

Home games: 5

Road games: 3

vs. .500+: 4

Back-to-backs: 0

The Jazz own the tiebreakers against both the Mavs and Lakers. The Mavs-Lakers tiebreaker has yet to be determined. The Lakers can claim it with a win Tuesday night over the Mavs. If the Mavs win and tie the season series, the next tiebreaker would be conference record. The Lakers are 21-23 against West teams; the Mavs have a 19-24 conference record.