Mavs still searching for complement to Dirk

The Dallas Mavericks aren't going to the playoffs. They won't finish with a winning record. So what do they need to do to get the franchise headed back in the right direction?

Dirk Nowitzki has shown he still has what it takes to one of the best players in the league on any given night, but he could use some help. As ESPN Dallas' Jean Jacques-Taylor writes:

To make the most of Dirk's golden years, the Mavs must get him some legitimate help instead of relying on this silly notion that he can be an elite player for another two or three seasons. They must make Dirk the second-best player on this team, which was the plan going into last season.

You can read the rest of his take on Dirk here.

So what would you do if you were the Mavs' shoes? Realistically, who would you like to see them bring in?