Q&A: Mark Cuban on the state of the Mavs

Mark Cuban took a few minutes out of watching Wednesday's Las Vegas Summer League action to give ESPNDallas.com a state-of-the-Mavs update.

The transcript of Cuban's comments:

On where talks are with Devin Harris:

Mark Cuban: “I think we’ve got something worked out. We just restructured the deal. When we have something to announce, we’ll announce it. ... I think we'll get him back, but I don't want to jinx us. We'll let him rehab with us and all that kind of stuff."

On Samuel Dalembert coming to Dallas:

“It’s not signed ... but it’s agreed upon. He’ll bring shot-blocking and rebounding to the team.”

On the situation with Bernard James and the extension of the deadline date to guarantee his contract:

"I can’t go into all of the details, but you get the gist of it."

On where things are in regard to acquiring Monta Ellis:

"It’s all agreed to. When you’re using cap room, you’ve got to stagger when you have everything signed to maximize your cap room."

On the Mavs' results in free agency:

"Obviously, we didn’t get Dwight. We took a chance and it didn’t happen. I think we put together a really good team. It sticks within the culture we’ve tried to define. We’ve dealt with some of the weakness we had from last year. Hopefully, if we stay healthy, good things will happen."

On where things are now with the two-year plan:

"I think we’ve put ourselves in a spot where we’re in a better spot than we were at if we got just the one max-out deal. I think it’d be better shorter term and longer-term. I don’t want to make that sound the wrong way. I think we’ll be better this year because we added five good players or more."

On adjusting on the fly this offseason:

"You guys like to make a big deal about it. Obviously, we were disappointed we didn’t get Dwight, but we pretty much got everything else we wanted to get and then some. Much more. We never thought we’d be able to get Monta. It turned into a good summer. Now, the key is to get everybody playing together, get everyone healthy, keep them healthy and go."

On what Jose Calderon will bring to the team:

"We just have a great compliment of people. He’s great in the pick-and-roll, which will be great for Dirk [Nowitzki] a whole bunch. He’s a pass-first point guard, which will help with Monta. It’ll help with Sam, Vince [Carter] and Shawn [Marion]. We’re going to have guys who can get Shawn the ball, which we couldn’t do last year. Vince won’t have to work as hard as he did last year. We can block shots between Sam and Brandan [Wright]. I think we’ll be in good shape."

Question: I guess that means things are still going well with bringing Brandan Wright back?


Q: How tough was it to see Shane Larkin go down and have to miss the entire Las Vegas Summer League?

"It was the last play of practice, which was the worst part. Fortunately, it happened early enough that he’ll be back in time for the regular season. He just landed wrong when he went up for a bucket."

Q: Gal Mekel has drawn some buzz. What have you seen from him?

"Gal has played really well. He’s the type of player where the the better players that are around him, the better he is. I think he’s going to get better and better. He’s a smart kid. He’s a leader. He has to improve his shot, but he knows how to play."

On Josh Akognon’s performance in the summer league:

"He’s still on the roster. Like everybody else, he’s got to earn his spot. He’s still there."

Q: Is there anyone else on the summer roster who could be brought to training camp?

"Ricky [Ledo] will obviously be there. Ricky has shown some good things, but he’s got to get used to playing basketball again."

Q: What are you looking at next in free agency?

"We’re just getting ready for training camp and getting everyone going."

Q: Is the trade market still something you could look into pursuing?

"We’re open. Given that all of these are new signings, it’s going to be tough for us to do a trade. We can do anything until December. We didn’t sign these guys to trade them. We signed them to keep them. Our goal is to have everyone here, play together and move on. We still have a lot cap room for next year, so we’ll see."