Dollars and Sense: Wayne Ellington

The NBA is about competition on the floor, but it’s also about dollars and cents. Teams now must find players that can outperform deals they’re signed to and use them as assets on the floor or as assets to flip in order to acquire a game-changing piece. ESPNDallas.com will grade how the Dallas Mavericks fared in terms of contracts of their new acquisitions.

Wayne Ellington: Signed to a two-year, $5,423,340 contract. Ellington will be paid $2,652,000 in 2013-14. He was signed with the “room” exception.

“3-and-D” guys make a huge difference in the league now. If you can be a factor on defense and stretch the floor with your range, you can find your way onto the floor. Just think of the value DeShawn Stevenson brought to the Mavs when he was on the championship roster. He saw spot minutes on the floor where he took on a large defensive assignment and made the opposition pay with his ability to drill a 3-point shot.

Ellington could be a player that helps provide additional depth on the bench. Playing with multiple scoring options could allow a potentially deadly perimeter shooter more room than he’s used to having.

Based on how the shooting guard and small forward positions are currently set up, there is a strong possibility that Ellington could get his fair share of DNP-CDs over the course of the season, much like Stevenson did. The Mavs on the bench must be ready to step up at the drop of a hat. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle demands that of his players. If Ellington acts accordingly, he could be a valuable asset.

Grade: B