Dirk donating for every Mavs' 2-pointer this month

DALLAS -- The Mavericks’ buckets are benefitting a worthy cause this month, thanks to Dirk Nowitzki.

Nowitzki has pledged to pay $20 for every two-point field goal the Mavs score between Nov. 6 and Dec. 6 to the iBellieve Foundation’s Two for MPS II campaign. MPS II (Mucopolysaccharidosis II or Hunter Syndrome) is a debilitating, progressive disease that inhibits the body’s ability to get rid of cellular waste causing a myriad of health problems and can lead to death if not treated.

Simon Ibell, the founder of the iBellieve Foundation, is a longtime friend of Nowitzki, having been introduced to the Mavs star several years ago by Steve Nash. Ibell, who will celebrate 10 years of MPS II enzyme replacement infusions this month, has a goal of raising $10,000 this month to go toward finding a cure for MPS II.

“Our goal is to increase awareness for MPS II and ask people to spread the word to help raise funds and find a cure for this devastating disease,” Ibell said in a press release. “It’s terrific to have Dirk’s support of our Two for MPS II campaign. We are not far off from a cure, but we need more people supporting us like Dirk to get there."