Mavs mailbag: Possible summer targets?

If the Mavericks are going to get blown out by a bad team, there’s no better time to do it than in the wake of the Cowboys being massacred on Monday night football.

Too bad it killed all the good vibes from the Mavs’ best win of the season, which happened in Portland just a couple of nights earlier.

But we’ll be like the rest of the Metroplex and mostly ignore that slip-up in Sacramento. What else is on your Mavs minds?

@BrockLPrice on Twitter: This may be a bit premature, but with the Mavs having max cap space coming up this offseason, who do you see them pursuing?

Let me just make it clear that this is all premature speculation on my part. That removes me from the responsibility of being right, which makes this sort of thing much more fun.

I’m going to assume that the Mavs don’t land LeBron James. Yep, really going out on a limb there. If Carmelo Anthony opts out of the last year of his deal with the Knicks, I’m not sure the Mavs should try to sign him to a four-year deal in the $100 million range, but they’d have to at least entertain the possibility of pursuing him.

I can’t see Chris Bosh opting out of his deal, and he’s not a fit next to Dirk Nowitzki anyway, plus he’s made it pretty clear that he doesn’t consider playing in his hometown to be a positive. Dwyane Wade isn’t leaving Miami, especially not to make Mark Cuban his new boss.

If none of the stars who are eligible to hit the market are realistic options -- a likely scenario -- there are a couple of second-tier guys who could be really good fits for the Mavs. Chicago’s Luol Deng is a versatile small forward who could be a younger version of Shawn Marion with more scoring punch. Big man Marcin Gortat is just about to wrap up the contract that was originally an offer sheet from the Mavs. Why not make another run at him?

Some restricted free agents worth keeping an eye on, depending on how much their current teams are willing to match, are Detroit’s Greg Monroe, Phoenix’s Eric Bledsoe and Utah’s Gordon Hayward.

@electriclight41 on Twitter: Which pipe dream is more likely: Mavs move to the Eastern Conference or NBA gets rid of divisions/conferences?

The NBA getting rid of divisions might happen. I can’t see them ever going so far as to eliminate conferences.

And good luck making a case for the Mavs moving to the East. No, the fact that the Cowboys play in the NFC East doesn’t help the cause here. If, for some reason, the NBA decides to move a team to the East, Memphis and New Orleans would make more sense than the Mavs, according to maps.

@RamiMichail on Twitter: Who do you expect having a greater impact between Brandan Wright and Devin Harris on the team when they return?

They’ll both be rotation players, but I’d bet on Wright having a bigger impact. That’s because he’s a more dynamic player at this point of their careers and there’s more opportunity for minutes.

It’s awfully clear Rick Carlise’s doghouse, formerly occupied by Brendan Haywood and Chris Kaman, is now being inhabited by Samuel Dalembert. If Wright can perform like he did in the final quarter of last season, I could see a Wright/DeJuan Blair center tandem with Dalembert being just a bit player in the big man rotation.

Paul (Houston): Why are the Mavs not giving Wayne Ellington more of a chance? Vince Carter continues to struggle. Jae Crowder is a mediocre shooter at best. Is Crowder's D that much of a strength to take Ellington out of the equation?

Carlisle isn’t going to give up on Carter after one tough month and Crowder has earned the right to be in the rotation. That leaves Ellington on the fringe of the rotation.

Crowder is an inconsistent perimeter shooter, but he does a lot of things well and can defend a few different positions. Most importantly, the Mavs outscore opponents with him on the floor. His per-48-minute plus-minus is plus-9, which is the best of any of the Mavs’ rotation players.

Jason (Dallas) Hey Tim, do Mavs have any interest trading Vince Carter to Oklahoma City for Jeremy Lamb? I believe Mavs should consider this trade because Oklahoma City gives Vince Carter a better chance to win a championship and the Mavs get a young player they can use and get young. What you think about this trade?

Sure, the Mavs should be interested in getting a 21-year-old shooting guard who has shown promise this season and has two seasons remaining on his rookie deal. All they’ve got to give up is a struggling 36-year-old with an expiring contract? Pull the trigger.

Only one problem with this trade: Oklahoma City has to agree to it. Why the heck would the Thunder do that?