Mavs send NBA video of Dirk no-calls

DALLAS -- His billionaire boss shares Dirk Nowitzki’s frustration over not getting some critical foul calls when Nowitzki is hit on the elbow while launching his one-legged fadeaway.

In fact, owner Mark Cuban had the Dallas Mavericks’ video department send several clips to the league office last week showing examples of Nowitzki not getting whistles that should have been blown.

“We actually did a video where we circled his elbow so they could see it,” Cuban said. “We’ll see what happens. They’re doing their best, I’m sure.”

That video clearly didn’t have its intended effect Friday night. Nowitzki publicly complained about not getting a foul call on a potential go-ahead shot late in the game, the second time in the last few weeks he’s vented to the media about a missed call on a crunch-time shot when he firmly believed he was hit on the elbow.

The Mavs typically send a video of several disputed calls after every game, but it’s rare for them to isolate a specific issue that they consider a troubling trend.

Cuban said the response from the league is typically to “say it’s a tough call and they’re sorry they missed it.”

“What are you gonna do?” Cuban said. “It’s the same conversation for 14 years, so I’ll wait until February.”

Cuban has vowed to get the final fine before commissioner David Stern’s retirement becomes official in February. The elbow tapping on Nowitzki’s one-legged fadeaway gives Cuban a worthy cause.