Cuban: 'Great steps' from new commish

NEW YORK -- Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban appreciates that the NBA, under new commissioner Adam Silver, is now privately contacting teams regarding transparency over calls made by officials.

“I think he’s taken some great steps on the officiating,” Cuban said of Silver. “There’s been more changes in 15 days or whatever it is than I saw in 14 years. So I like what he’s doing there. I don’t see a lot, but the few things I’ve seen have been very positive.

“Things like sending out reports, proactive reports, being transparent on calls proactively, those are things that never would’ve happened [previously].”

Cuban has been asking for this type of transparency forever, and it’s finally started to happen -- albeit slowly.

Cuban explained more of what he was talking about.

“Like last night in the Houston-Phoenix game, Dwight Howard steps in [to the lane] seven seconds early. He’s waiting there like he’s boxing out before the free throw. And they didn’t call anything. So my expectation is that they’ll say something proactively to the teams, maybe not publicly, so that we we know (A) are they gonna allow that? Or (B), they’re not going to allow it and it should’ve been called and next time it will be called,” Cuban said.

“And then they'll say something to the officials, because we don't know, OK, this is the way to do it, or not the way to do it. In the past, you’d find out the hard way. Now, not on everything, but they’ve been more proactive and it’s a huge step in the right direction.”

  • Cuban was also asked Monday if the Mavericks might pursue one of the players who was recently waived.

    “We’ll talk about it. But I don’t see anything happening,” Cuban said.

    The Mavericks currently have 15 players under contract.

  • Cuban on how many years Dirk Nowitzki, 35, has left: “Five, six, seven. Like I said, I think my hops are better than Dirk’s, and so it’s about technique and skill set. And as long as his body holds up, he’ll keep on playing.”

  • Cuban on why the Mavericks are 8-2 in their past 10: “We’re boxing out. We’re rebounding. How many games in a row has it been -- with the exception of Charlotte -- 7-8 games in a row we’ve outrebounded a team? If we said we were gonna do that, y’all would’ve laughed at us. We’ve been rebounding, we’re focused on the fundamentals, we’re paying attention to the little things and that’s what a veteran team should know how to do, and that’s what we’re doing.”

  • Cuban on the dominance of the Western Conference compared to the East: “That’s been happening for 14 years. There’s no reason to start getting frustrated now.”

  • Cuban on a report his team was looking to add an All-Star: “We’re always trying to All-Star-caliber players. We try a lot of things. I’ll give you a second-round pick for that first team all-pro. You ask, but you hope they’re on drugs and say yes.”

  • Cuban said the reason for a lack of moves at the trade deadline was that teams placed a huge value on their draft picks. It remains to be seen if that will work out.