Dollar ball: Ranking the best bargains in Mavs' rotation

The Mavericks have the second highest paid player in the NBA, are well below the luxury tax and are poised to make the playoffs.

That means there must be some pretty good bargains on the roster. In an effort to determine the best bargains, we borrowed a somewhat scientific formula: Divide dollars by win shares.

For those who don’t keep a calculator in hand while watching hoops, win shares is an advanced statistic created by basketball-reference.com with a pretty self-explanatory name and a really long explanation for how they’re calculated. It might not be a perfect stat, but it’s a pretty good predictor of team success. For instance, the 11 rotation players of the 41-27 Mavs have combined for 39.8 win shares.

Dirk Nowitzki ranks 14th in the league in win shares (8.9), but he’s just the ninth best bargain on the roster because of his massive salary. Here’s a look at whose dollars make the most sense for the Mavs among their rotation players:

DeJuan Blair

Salary: $947,907

Win shares: 3.1

$/WS: $305,776

Jae Crowder

Salary: $788,872

Win shares: 1.7

$/WS: $464,042

Vince Carter

Salary: $3,180,000

Win shares: 3.8

$/WS: $836,842

Devin Harris

Salary: $1,272,279

Win shares: 1.5

$/WS: $848,186

Samuel Dalembert

Salary: $3,700,748

Win shares: 3.6

$/WS: $1,027,986

Jose Calderon

Salary: $6,791,590

Win shares: 5.3

$/WS: $1,281,432

Brandan Wright

Salary: $5,000,000

Win shares: 3.8

$/WS: $1,315,789

Monta Ellis

Salary: $8,000,000

Win shares: 4.1

$/WS: $1,951,220

Dirk Nowitzki

Salary: $22,721,381

Win shares: 8.9

$/WS: $2,552,964

Shawn Marion

Salary: $9,316,796

Win shares: 3.3

$/WS: $2,823,272

Wayne Ellington

Salary: $2,652,000

Win shares: 0.7

$/WS: $3,788,571