Opening Tip: Mavs one win from getting in

The Mavericks need a win in either of their final two games to clinch a playoff berth. Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports

DALLAS -- Never mind about magic numbers for the Mavericks.

Their path to the playoffs is simple: Win and get in.

All they need is one win at this point. It doesn't matter which game.

The Mavs can officially clinch a playoff spot by beating the Phoenix Suns on Saturday night, assuring the franchise's 13th playoff appearance in 14 seasons.

The Mavs already own the tiebreaker over the Memphis Grizzlies. Saturday night's winner gets the tiebreaker in the Mavs-Suns series.

If the Mavs beat the Suns, Dallas is assured of finishing no worse than 49-33. In that case, the loser of Monday night's Grizzlies-Suns game could finish no better than that, guaranteeing that the Mavs would be going to the playoffs.

A win over the Suns would assure the Mavs of finishing above Phoenix in the standings. The Grizzlies would have to win out to finish higher than the Mavs.

That's if the Mavs handle their business against the Suns. If not, the Mavs might have to win Wednesday night in Memphis to get in.