Mavs playoff seeding scenarios

DALLAS – The Mavericks have made the playoffs. Now it’s a matter of what seed they get.

It’s possible for the Mavs to land anywhere from sixth to eight in the Western Conference. That means first-round matchups with the No. 1 seed San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder (almost certainly second seed) and Los Angeles Clippers (almost certainly third seed) are all still possibilities.

A quick look at the potential scenarios for each seed:

Sixth seed: If the Golden State Warriors lose their last three games and Mavs win in Memphis

Seventh seed: If Mavs win in Memphis or Grizzlies lose another game

Eighth seed: If Grizzlies win out, including beating Mavs

The remaining schedules for the teams relevant to the Mavs’ seeding:

WARRIORS (49-30)

Sunday: at Portland Trail Blazers

Monday: vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Wednesday: at Denver Nuggets


Sunday: at Los Angeles Lakers

Monday: at Phoenix Suns

Wednesday: vs. Mavs