Dirk wins Magic Johnson Award

DALLAS -- Add the Magic Johnson Award to the long list of honors Dirk Nowitzki has received throughout his 16-year career.

The Pro Basketball Writers Association announced on Friday that Nowitzki is this season’s winner of the Magic Johnson Award, which recognizes excellence on the court with cooperation with media and fans.

Nowitzki, who made his 12th All-Star appearance this season, has long been known as one of the most approachable superstars in sports. He makes several charitable appearances each year, including hosting an annual summer baseball game to benefit the Heroes Foundation.

As the face of the franchise, Nowitzki considers it his responsibility to serve as a team spokesman, making it a point to be available after every game, win or lose, as well as accommodating requests that extend well beyond his NBA-mandated responsibilities. He consistently provides insightful material to the media, often sprinkling in doses of the humor fans saw in Mavs-produced videos such as the “Game Day!” Geico camel ad spoof that went viral this summer.