Cuban: No points, no technicals, no injuries

DALLAS – Mark Cuban didn’t mind finishing the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game with no points.

No technical fouls? Now that really bummed the Dallas Mavericks’ billionaire owner.

Cuban had promised on Twitter earlier in the day to get T’d up at least once. His efforts failed in his West team’s 41-37 victory in a display of pretty painful-to-watch basketball at the Dallas Convention Center.

“I tried so hard to get a technical and they wouldn’t give me one,” Cuban said. “They must have read my tweets. I was trying so hard. But I couldn’t get anything done right today, so that just kind of explains the whole thing.”

Cuban did manage to grab a couple of rebounds and snare a steal or two. He was pretty proud of his defensive effort and taunted ex-Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens for being a cherry-picker who couldn’t do anything but go right in a halfcourt situation.

Oh, and Cuban showed off a vertical leap that might be able to clear one of his unlimited credit cards when he tied up actor Chris Tucker.

Cuban’s shooting stats: 0-of-6. At least his only airball came on a 40-foot desperation heave at the halftime buzzer. (T.O. managed to miss iron on four of his shots.)

All in all, Cuban fared better than most 51-year-olds who didn’t play varsity basketball and have had hip replacement surgery.

“Hey, I survived,” Cuban said with a smile. “I got through it. I survived and we won.”