Rough stuff up; Carlisle suspects no suspension

DALLAS -- Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said he doesn't expect forward Eduardo Najera to face a league suspension for his Flagrant 2 foul on Manu Ginobili 47 seconds into the fourth quarter.

A Flagrant 2 foul results in an automatic ejection and is reviewed by the league. As of Monday afternoon, the NBA office had no decision on any potential further punishment.

"He was making a physical play and it turned out to be a Flagrant 2 so that's not good," Carlisle said. "We're not telling anybody to go get flagrant fouls. He had a Flagrant 2. I don't see why he would be suspended."

There's little doubt that this heated series will continue to be tightly contested with more physical play that picked up significantly in Game 4. Along with Najera's Flagrant 2, Richard Jefferson and DeJuan Blair were hit with Flagrant 1 fouls, which are also reviewed by the league.

Dirk Nowitzki, whistled for a technical foul in the third quarter, and Antonio McDyess engaged in physical encounters throughout Game 4.

"I don’t think you can get much more physical. It's already wrestling out there," Nowitzki said. "You've got to respond and play the same way. There was some flagrant fouls left and right, some technicals. That's what the playoffs is all about, and we've got to do more of the same. If they scrap, then we've got to do the same thing."