Jae Crowder follows dad's blue-collar path to NBA

Jae Crowder has a leg up on his fellow rookies with the Dallas Mavericks and across the association because his father, Corey Crowder, preceded his winding journey to the NBA with one of his own.

Like father, like son, the Crowder path wasn't lined with star dust and a pot of gold waiting on the dotted line of a rookie contract.

The Crowder way was fraught with impossible odds and hurdled with relentless work and endlessly willing the body and soul to succeed.

"Just the mere fact that Jae Crowder was there in front of you for you to be able to interview him was a miracle in itself," Corey said of his son. "If you would have told me five years ago that he was going to be a draft pick in the NBA draft, I think everybody would have probably signed me up for the crazy house because nobody could predict that."

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