Mavs due for second-round success?

Maybe the Mavs are due for some success with a second-round pick.

It's been over a decade since they hit on one.

That's not necessarily a criticism of Donnie Nelson and Co. The hits are few and far between in the second round. For every Manu Ginobili, there are dozens of dudes like Milovan Rakovic, the man the Mavs made Mr. Irrelevant in the 2007 draft.

(Of course, I lobbied hard for Glen "Big Baby" Davis a few years ago. He's a key bench player for a title contender. Nick Fazekas, the Mavs' pick, has found a home in France.)

None of the Mavs' recent picks who played in Europe provided a ton of reason for optimism this season. None even averaged double figures. Maybe Nick Calathes grows up next year in Greece to display the first-round potential a lot of people thought he had, but you've got to go back to Wang Zhizhi in 1999 to find a Mavs' second-rounder who made even a minimal contribution in Dallas.

Hope this doesn't put a damper on the fun of scanning mock drafts to see who the Mavs might pick 50th overall.