Chad Ford's draft grade for Mavs: C+

ESPN.com Insider Chad Ford, the man inside the draft, has posted his grades for all 30 teams.

He called the Mavericks' interesting night that included trading out of the No. 17 slot to acquire three lower picks, "solid," but he thinks Dallas passed on two better point guards and that 27-year-old center Bernard James will become the new face of the Texas Legends.

Here's Ford's take:

"This was a solid night for the Mavs. I actually like Jared Cunningham a bit. He's a risky pick, as he has to make a position change at the next level, but his elite athleticism combined with his ability to get to the basket are intriguing. If he figures out how to be a real point guard, he could be a nice get here. I do, however, think the Mavs passed on two better point guard prospects in Teague and Wroten. To me, Teague is a much more of sure thing. Wroten is a risky pick as well, but has has more upside than Cunningham. I think the Mavs took James to be the poster child for their D-League team -- the Texas Legends. Think this former Iraqi war veteran might sell a few tickets? He can play defense, but at 27 years old, his future in the NBA is pretty limited. Crowder is one of the toughest players in the draft. But he's severely undersized for his position. I like him, but again, the upside is limited. For a team that might be undergoing a major overhaul, I thought there were better upside picks in the 30s like Quincy Miller, Will Barton and -- if you wanted a guy who could play right away -- Draymond Green."

For what it's worth, Ford handed the Brooklyn Nets a D-.