Mavs mailbag: Is 30,000 within Dirk's reach?

It seems that Mavericks fans spend most of their time thinking of two subjects: Dirk Nowitzki’s greatness and how to remodel this roster to give the big German a chance to compete for another championship.

Those topics dominate this week’s edition of the Mavs mailbag. On to the questions ...

Col_70 on Twitter: Will Dirk score 4,072 more (regular season) points before retiring?

That might depend on how important the 30,000-point milestone is to Dirk.

He’s been on record for about a year saying that he intends to sign a two- or three-year contract with the Mavs this summer and possibly ride off into the sunset after that deal is done. If it’s a three-year deal, it’s a really good bet that he’ll become the sixth member of the 30,000-point club. If it’s a two-year deal, my hunch is he’d be a few hundred points shy when his contract expires, figuring Nowitzki will average around 1,500 points in those two seasons.

Dirk has said he doesn’t see himself sticking around just to chase milestones. However, if the Mavs are competitive and he’s that close to 30,000, I don’t think it’d be too difficult to convince him to play another season if his body is willing.

If Dirk wants, he could probably stick around as a floor-spacing role player for years. As he was going through his 3-point shooting routine before a recent game, a Mavs staffer said, “He could do that until he’s 45.”

Ray (Lewisville): Tim, two names that I hear rumors about on the trade block: Pau Gasol and Eric Gordon. If we could get either one of these two, we immediately upgrade our team. Is this realistic? Also Josh Smith has been benched twice by Mo Cheeks. Any chance the Mavs can take him of the Pistons hands?

There is no chance the Mavs would try to trade for Josh Smith. They had no interest in signing him at that price, and they certainly wouldn’t be willing to take four-year, $54 million deal midway through the first season.

I don’t see Eric Gordon as an upgrade. I see him as a much less durable, much more expensive version of Monta Ellis. His contract still has two years for $30.4 million left on it after this season. No thanks.

Gasol would be interesting. His huge contract expires this summer. However, if the Lakers put him on the block, it’s hard to envision the Mavs making the best offer.

Sameer (Dallas): Do you think Gal Mekel and Jae Crowder are trade assets to get someone strong in SG/SF spot?

Realistically, Crowder and Mekel are potential throw-in guys in a bigger deal. They’ve maybe got some value because they’re young and cheap, and Crowder has proven he can be a dirty-work role player off the bench, but nobody is calling the Mavs with Mekel and Crowder in mind.

Parker (Dallas): It has been noted that Vince Carter's success has gone hand in hand with the Mavs. That being said, will Devin Harris' return take pressure off Vince having to perform nightly?

You make a good point. Harris at least gives the second unit another player with the ability to create for himself and teammates, although he’s lost a lot of explosiveness since averaging 21 points one season for the Nets. Shane Larkin’s development could also take some pressure off of Carter. But Carter is still the best creator and shooter the Mavs have coming off the bench.