King to King: Cavs have edge, but do they?

So LeBron James tells CNN's venerable Larry King that the Cleveland Cavaliers hold the edge to re-sign him once free agency finally gets here on July 1 (the full interview airs Friday night).

And which edge would that be? The momentum of three consecutive playoff failures since being swept in the 2007 Finals? In fact, the Cavs have gone backwards with this year's second-round bow-out to those old Boston Celtics? Or would the edge be the fact that there's no head coach in place? Or that Cleveland's roster, despite the free-agent signings and trades made by GM Danny Ferry, isn't championship caliber?

Some, such as ESPNNewYork.com's Rob Parker, believe LeBron's real message lies in what he's not saying.

And, no, Parker doesn't write that LeBron is headed to the Dallas Mavericks despite Mark Cuban's best tampering efforts -- so it might be time to get a second LeBron song cranked up.

By the way, check out espn.com's Free Agent Slot Machine, which includes possible destinations for eight prominent free agents, including Dirk Nowitzki.

On my 10 spins, Nowitzki lands back in Dallas eight times and twice in Phoenix with good buddy Steve Nash.