Barea says he and Jet, Mavs are all good

DALLAS -- J.J. Barea said Jason Terry's second-quarter tirade directed at him, which then saw Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle angrily kick Terry out of the timeout huddle, is already water under the bridge.

"Oh yeah, that’s my boy," Barea said of Terry, his career-long teammate. "He’s my favorite teammate since I’ve been here."

Barea was not long on answers, nor did he provide much detail into what led to he and Terry jawing by the bench. Barea was clearly in a somber mood as he dressed after scoring 15 points with five assists in the 107-96 win that snapped a four-game slump.

Terry barked at Barea as the players arrived at the bench for a timeout with 9:54 left in the first half. Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Gordon had just turned a Terry turnover into a driving layup.

At that point the Mavs trailed 39-25 and were on the verge of being embarrassed one game after the Denver Nuggets rolled to a 16-point lead before the Mavs found some energy but couldn't get over the hump. After the incident, the Mavs went on a tear and led by as many as 12 in the third quarter. They won 107-96, although the game had tightened up and was still up for grabs midway through the fourth quarter.

At this point it's hard to tell what will result, if anything, from Terry's rare, aggressive outburst -- an ugly scene that included assistant coaches and players holding Terry back, Carlisle screaming at Terry and then owner Mark Cuban finally being able to calm Terry down as he sat at the end of the bench.

Could such a meltdown actually serve as a spark as it seemed to do in Friday's game? Or, is it further sign of a pressurized situation grinding on the team and it's chemistry?

Barea says no to the latter.

"We’re perfect," Barea said. "We’re great teammates over here. We’re all pros and we’re good friends and we like to be around each other. We’re just glad we got the win. We’ve got to start winning again and get ready for the playoffs."

Terry did a live television interview from the locker room after the game but about the game only. He then declined to talk about the incident as he left.