Will ability to drive, draw fouls follow Jones?

Among the top 250 Division I basketball players with the highest free throw percentages last season, only Morgan State's Reggie Holmes attempted more free throws (294) than Dallas Mavericks draft pick Dominique Jones (282).

Jones, who made his living at South Florida by being a creative slasher who initiated physical contact, made a respectable 74.1 percent of his free throws, putting him just outside the top 250.

The question at the NBA level is: Will his ability to drive and get to the free throw line translate to the bigger, faster NBA? Jones is 6-foot-4 and one knock on him is that, while strong and tough, he's an average athlete. The Mavs drafted Jones for one reason and one reason only -- his ability to get to the rim.

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said he thinks NBA rules will help Jones.

"I would say it’s going to translate well because the NBA game is officiated much different than college. In many instances college can be a much more physical game," Carlisle said. "Our rules have changed over the last several years to facilitate better spacing, the ability to drive the ball, to feature offensive players. For that reason, I would think it would translate extremely well."