Who should Mavs draft with No. 50 pick?

A few years ago, I basically begged the Mavs to draft Big Baby with their second-round pick.

They ignored my advice and drafted Nick Fazekas.

Glen Davis is playing a significant role in the Finals. Fazekas, I believe, plays for some team in France.

Moral of the story: When it comes to second-round picks, I won't steer the Mavs wrong.

That's all a big build-up for a pretty blah moment. Can I get a drum roll for my offical recommendation of who the Mavs should select with the 50th overall pick?

Duke center Brian Zoubek!!!

OK, MFFLs might not be real fired up about the Mavs drafting yet another big white stiff. But it's not like superstars slip into the 50s, with Manu Ginobili being a major exception to the rule.

Zoubek might at least be a serviceable backup center right away. He isn't athletic, but he's a good position defender, better rebounder (especially on the offensive end) and solid screen setter.

Consider him a poor man's Erick Dampier, a description that will surely thrill the Dallas fan base.

The Mavs will at least consider Zoubek. He's one of several prospects they plan to bring in for a workout, which is a step further than they got with Big Baby a few years ago.