Mark Cuban: Texas should stay put

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is trying to push a four-team college football December invitational. He served as guest game picker on ESPN's College GameDay on Saturday from Cowboys Stadium. So why shouldn't he have an opinion on the murky future of the Big 12 as well?

Good, because he does. He wrote all about it on his blog (blogmaverick.com) and he thinks Texas' best move is not to make one.

Cuban believes the formation of super-conferences will turn into a huge mistake, suggesting that more schools won't mean more TV money, that fans will hate the scheduling of games to slot them all on a network and that geographical rivalry games will disappear -- Cuban, the Pennsylvania native, notes his favorite ghost of a rivalry game between Pittsburgh and Penn State.

There's plenty more the Mavs owner has to say on the subject. Just click the link above.