Paul Westphal dizzy over Mavs' scorers

DALLAS -- Dirk Nowitzki scored 13 points Wednesday night and none came in the second half. And it didn't matter.

The Mavericks' offensive balance is off the charts these days. The 116-100 win over the Sacramento Kings marked the 12th consecutive game with at least five players scoring in double figures. For the first time since April 1993, eight Mavs hit double-digits, all scoring between 11 and 20 points, with five coming off the bench.

Dallas shot 55.6 percent overall and 50.0 percent from beyond the arc. Six players drained 3-pointers.

Potent? Kings coach Paul Westphal, who spent a season as an assistant on Avery Johnson's staff here sure thinks so.

"Yeah, they're loaded. You start talking about the guys you have to defend on the 3-point line," Westphal said. "You go down their team and you've got Dirk and you've got [Peja Stojakovic], two of the greatest 3-point shooters in history, Jason Terry and don't forget about [Roddy] Beaubois, he's back, and then there's [J.J.] Barea and [Brian] Cardinal is shooting 47 percent [from 3] and oh, by the way, Jason Kidd, he's made 6-of-7 on us.

"So, you can't slump off those guys behind the line and at the same time they're very good at attacking the basket and they play together. They know how to use screens and dive to the basket...They're a very, very smart veteran team with great weapons and they're very unselfish, too."