The Come Up: First-round playoff matchups

Monday means The Come Up, and with only two regular-season games left before the playoffs begin, the only thing that’s settled is the Lakers as your No. 1 seed. Heading into Monday night’s games, three teams are tied at 52-28 and three teams are tied at 49-31. It’s a big ole mess. Fortunately for you, I know exactly how it’s going to end up. And it a go a 'lil summin' like this:

Amazing How I Know The Unknown

Dallas and Utah will win their two remaining games, making them division winners and the two and three seeds. Phoenix and Denver will split their two remaining games, but Phoenix’s win will be against Denver and it’ll lock up the season series and first-round home-court advantage against, who else, Denver.

The six through eight seeds require bolder predictions, but I fear no prognostication. Portland will win its two remaining games, including Monday night’s clash against OKC. This is a tough one, seeing as Brandon Roy’s availability is questionable after he sat the second half of Sunday’s road victory at the Lakeshow. But with the way Portland has been defending lately and the fact that OKC just spit the bit at Golden State, we’ll roll with it. With OKC and San Antonio splitting their last two, the Spurs secure the seven seed based on winning the season series with the Thunder.

And there it is. The Mavericks will host the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs starting next weekend. Another chapter in a great rivalry. Portland goes to Utah and the Lakers host the kids. Four great first-round playoff matchups in the West, and a bunch of garbage barely worth your attention in the East. Enjoy ...