If Delonte West is gone, it was time too short

DALLAS -- Delonte West, we hardly knew ya.

But it wasn't without excitement. West gave us the odd White House scenario in which he either was or wasn't banned from joining the team on its championship visit to President Obama. He provided some wild Twitter rants, the warrior walk off the floor with the bone sticking out of his right ring finger that he held high for the crowd to cheer, and then, of course, the "West willy" finger poke in Utah.

All-in-all, West, who signed a one-year deal for veteran's minimum with the Mavs in December, played just 48 total games because of the gruesome finger injury that sidelined him for six weeks. In 44 regular-season games playing both guard positions, West, 28, averaged 9.6 points and 3.2 assists in 24.1 minutes a game. He started 33 games at shooting guard.

His productivity drooped in a relatively quiet showing in the four-game sweep to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"It's disappointing, but we'll be right back here next year," West said. "This is a prideful city, a prideful team and I hope to be a part of this next year. It was a pleasure playing for this city, for this championship team. I'm grateful for this opportunity. Like I said, I hope I'll be back next year and more years to come to help contribute more and help this team get back to championship form."

The odds are rather low that West, whose feisty play and quirky personality quickly made him a fan favorite, will be back. West hopes he played himself back into position to sign a multi-year deal somewhere. It's just doubtful it will be here.

"Prayerfully, man," West said when asked if he believes he's proven to be worth a multiyear contract after two seasons of one-year, minimum deals stemming from his 2009 arrest. "I haven't even thought about nothing like that, even now. But, I mean, I hope I showed this league -- I know this league already knows what I'm capable of doing -- that I removed myself far from that incident that happened [three] years ago and I'm going to the prime of my career.

"I know what I can do, play multiple positions, score, shoot, shoot the long ball, defend, assists; I come with the whole package."

Depending how the Mavs' free agency adventures shake out in July and the type of deal West is offered, it is possible, but not probable that West will be back.

If he's destined for another start somewhere else, it was far too short of a stay.