Carlisle sees some Reggie in Dirk

DALLAS -- One was a shooting guard from California. The other is a power forward from Germany.

But Rick Carlisle sees a lot of similarities between Reggie Miller and Dirk Nowitzki, who could switch spots on the NBA’s all-time scoring list as soon as Wednesday night. Miller currently ranks 15th in NBA history with 25,279 points; Nowitzki is 16 behind him entering the Mavericks’ meeting with the Houston Rockets.

“Both meticulous creatures of habit,” Carlisle said, comparing Nowitzki to Miller, whom he coached for a total of six seasons with the Indiana Pacers, first as an assistant and then as the head coach during the last two years of Millers’ career. “Both meticulous in their rituals, their preparation, attention to detail, how they approach the game, care for their bodies, put winning as the priority. All of that stuff is second to none with both of those guys of all of the guys I ever coached and played with -- and that includes quite a few Hall of Famers.

“When you talk about integrity and doing it in big moments and stuff like that, Reggie Miller is one of the names that come to your mind.”

Nowitzki is another one of those names. Whether his name pops to mind before or after Miller’s is a matter of personal preference.

But it’s a matter of time before Nowitzki passes Miller on the all-time scoring list. If he has an average night against the Rockets, it’ll happen at some point in the fourth quarter.