If Mavs stay at No. 13, pick will likely be a PG

There might as well be a neon “FOR SALE” sign on the No. 13 pick. The Mavs aren’t just listening to offers for their lottery pick. They’re actively pursuing them, hoping to pick up a future asset while preventing the pick’s $1.655 million cap hold from getting on their books before free agency begins.

What if the Mavs don’t part with the pick? A pair of point guards – Syracuse’s Michael Carter-Williams and Germany’s Dennis Schroeder – are the most intriguing possibilities.

The Mavs aren’t likely to agree to any deal until they’re on the clock, just in case a player they love falls to them at No. 13. Put it this way: It’d be extremely difficult for Dallas to pass on Carter-Williams, an athletic, creative point guard who comes in a 6-foot-6 package.

Schroeder, who worked out for the Mavs, would also get serious consideration at No. 13.

No, not because he shares a homeland with Dirk Nowitzki. That’s just a neat little storyline.

One talent evaluator sees shades of Rajon Rondo in the 6-foot-2, 165-pound, 19-year-old Schroeder: long arms, big hands, excellent quickness, explosive athleticism, natural passing ability, confidence. His game is still raw, but Schroeder is a good shooter and penetrator who gets his teammates involved.

And the Mavs would likely be able to talk Schroeder into staying in Europe for a season. That’d be the best-case scenario: acquiring a talent they’re high on without impacting this summer’s salary cap.

Maybe the Mavs could trade down and still pick Schroeder. If not him, there are other overseas stash candidates who might be Mavs targets in that scenario, including Russian swingman Sergey Karasev, French center Rudy Gobert and Greek small forward Giannis Antetokounmpo.

But it wouldn’t be surprising if the Mavs stay at No. 13 and pick a point guard.