Historical perspective on the rout at MSG

The Mavericks’ 128-78 walloping of New York on Sunday night only inflicted the second-worst loss in Knicks history.

You can look it up.

The Knicks lost by 62 points on Christmas Day in 1960 to the Syracuse Nationals, who are now known as the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Mavs, though, did become just the fourth road team in league history to win by 50 points or more.

The Seattle SuperSonics established the record margin for a victorious road team – 56 points -- with a 136-80 rout of Houston in 1986-87, followed by Detroit’s 118-66 victory over Boston in 2002-03.

Houston posted a 50-point road win of its in 2006-07 with a 124-74 pounding of Philadelphia.