The not-so-Fab-5: The Mavs' most feeble

ESPN.com Insider Tom Haberstroh has written a complementary piece to ESPN.com's "Franchise Five," feature that allows you to select your team's best all-time player at each position. Haberstroh goes the other way with "The Feeble Five."

That's right, the least productive five for every franchise.

Haberstroh certainly had a long list to work with for the Dallas Mavericks. After all, not every franchise can be considered the worst in all of sports for an entire decade (1990s). So, there is definitely room to argue with his picks. To see his five most feeble all-time Mavs, click here.

I'll debate one in particular: Darrell Armstrong. Sure, Armstrong didn't do a whole lot on the floor for the Mavs -- although I do recall a key charge he took a midcourt -- but he wasn't acquired to be a key cog in the rotation. He was a veteran presence, a leader in the locker room, a guy who could show the young guys, oh, like Josh Howard to act like a professional -- and dress like one, too. OK, so maybe that didn't work out so well, but you can't blame Armstrong, or his wardrobe.

Bottom line is the energetic Armstong was a highly likable player in Dallas and he was on the NBA Finals roster in 2006. He returned to the Mavs last year as an assistant under Rick Carlisle and now has a young, very coachable guard in Roddy Beaubois under his wing.

I mean, really, can Armstrong make the list of five most feeble Mavs and Randy White skates? Too bad a player must have 100 games with the organization to get recognized. There's no way Danny Fortson should escape this one.