Results from SWMMA event on Jan. 13

Steven Polino (0-1) -- Team Shin (5-10, 139 lbs.) vs. Jesus Garza (1-0) –- Reyes BJJ (5-8, 139 lbs.)

Round 1: These competitors look to be very athletic. Polino is the taller of the two but carries good weight. Garza is a brickhouse and looks to have cut a sizable amount of weight. Garza starts the fight in a southpaw stance, opening up a broad surface to work on his orthodox opponent. Garza engages in a nice double leg take down that introduces Polino's heels to the ceiling. His efforts are repeated as Polino makes it to his feet on the scramble. Garza takes the back of Polino and begins searching for any exposed portion of his neck to sink in a choke. Polino is flattened out as Garza sinks his hooks in and finds the elusive choke. The fight ends at the 57-second mark of Round 1 due to a rear naked choke. Garza wins his fighting debut in a workman-like fashion.

Matthew Jones (2-0) -- Team Salazar (5-11, 192 lbs.) vs. TC Meng (0-1) – Texas Fight Club (5-11, 193 lbs.)

Round 1: The San Antonian Jones dons unusual plaid MMA trunks and appears to be much more solid than his opponent. Meng has a large family constituency that made its way to Grapevine for the competition. Jones starts with nice punch combinations that are not yet finding their range. Meng has the first-fight jitters and is overly active without accomplishing much. Jones' right hook starts to become effective. The two clinch, and Meng lands some knees to the abdomen of Jones. Jones gets the single-leg takedown and lands some knees on the ensuing scramble. There is a break in the action as Meng is hit with a low blow. As fighting commences, Jones works his front hook and tries to sink up a guillotine to no avail. The round ends, but TC is clearly dazed.

Round 2: Meng launches a series of head kicks in desperation, but none land cleanly. He is able to take Jones down, but Jones makes his way out the back. Meng attempts a takedown, but Jones sprawls on it and winds up taking the back of the turtled Meng. Blows are landing from all angles to the curled up Meng, but he does not quit. The ref stops the action and declares Jones the winner at 2:41 of Round 2.

Alfredo Echavaria (1-0) -- (5-5, 140 lbs.) vs. Matt Morris (0-2-1) -- Team Texas Fight (5-11, 143 lbs.)

Round 1: Matt Morris has a substantial height advantage over the wrecking ball, Echavaria. The two engage in a crisp exchange and clinch up. They wind up on the fence jockeying for position as they take turns spinning their opponent onto the cage. Echavaria scores a takedown in the close confines of a cage corner. As the two scramble, Morris bridges nicely off the cage to get out from under the side control of Echavaria. Morris finishes the scramble in Echavaria's guard and has to immediately fight off an armbar attempt. Echavaria works out from a half-guard to take Morris's back and sinks in a tight rear naked choke. Eschavaria wins by submission at 1:51 of the first.

Joe Gorman (3-3) -- Texas Fighting Syndicate (5-9, 145 lbs.) vs. Eliasar Rodriguez (3-0) -- Reyes BJJ (5-8, 144 lbs.)

Round 1: Rodriguez Presses Joe into the cage immediately. Gorman establishes underhooks and reverses Rodriguez onto the cage. The two break. Rodriguez comes back swinging and transitions to a single leg but ends up eating knees. Rodriguez throws punches better than Gorman. As the two work position on the cage, Rodriguez cross-faces Gorman away from a takedown, but Gorman's persistence is rewarded with a last second double-leg takedown.

Round 2: Numerous wide punches are launched by Gorman, but Rodriguez keeps his head tucked and is able to elude damage. Gorman pulls guard instead of attempting to stuff the takedown and is able to cage-walk up to his feet. Gorman continually works for a guillotine but is unable to find Rodriguez's neck.

As the two make it to their feet again, Rodriguez maintains a constrictive body lock and is able to takedown Gorman.

Round 3: Gorman continues to press and eventually gets Rodriguez to his back. After a scramble, Gorman industriously works for a single leg but is unable to take down Rodriguez and is in turn taken down himself. Rodriguez traps the arm of Gorman while in side control and wails away with a combination of punches, hammerfists and shoulders, all thrown with ill intent. Gorman barely makes the bell. Rodriguez remains undefeated and wins the decision.