Is Chas Skelly ready for the next level?

I recently had a chance to sit down and talk with Chas Skelly, an up-and-coming fighter in the Texas MMA circuit who lives and trains in the DFW area. With a 6-0 record, Skelly is a mixed martial artist with tons of promise and sights on the WEC. If you haven’t heard of Chas, you’ll definitely want keep reading as well as see him the next time he's fighting in the metroplex. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. He’s a finisher that has only gone to decision one time.

Q: You are undefeated with 6 wins under your belt. You’ve fought for Bellator in their inaugural season. What is next for your career?

Skelly: I’ve got a fight on April 3rd at SWC 10. My first goal is to win the featherweight title in my fight against Josh Clopton at that event. I would then like to win the 145 pound belt at King of Kombat in Austin. If I keep beating people I’ll eventually get noticed by the bigger promotions. I won’t be fighting forever. I realize that so I’m also finishing my education. I’ve got one semester left at Tarleton State in Fort Worth majoring in Business. Ultimately, I’d love to fight for the WEC and have a successful MMA career, but I also see myself opening up a gym and using my business skills.

Q: What do you think of Josh Clopton, your next opponent?

A: He’s got good stand-up. He’s a solid wrestler, but he will not be able to stop my takedowns. I’m sure he’ll be in good shape and ready to fight on April 3rd.

Q: What aspect of your game will you work on this year?

A: I’m still real “green." I’ve barely been fighting professionally for a year so there is always a lot to work on. My base has always been wrestling but I have not maintained the focus on that part of my game like I should. My goal is to regain my edge in wrestling as well as enhance my boxing and muay thai skills. My jiu jitsu skills are pretty solid.

Q: What should fans know about you?

A: I’m a real goofy and laid back person. I don’t take myself overly serious. I try to have fun and to don’t get caught up in the trash talking aspect of MMA.

Q: What are your thoughts about the DFW fight scene?

A: There are countless good gyms in the area, especially for jiu jitsu. There are a lot of up-and-coming fighters in the area also. I do believe that the area is an emerging “hot bed” for MMA, but the issue is with fan involvement. The promotions seem to have a struggle attracting fans to local shows. I don’t think it is due to a lack of interest in MMA by fans. I think it is the marketing or advertising that is where the problem is. For example, the SWC 10 card in April is probably the best fight card put together this year, but do the fans know that? Again, it’s not for lack of interest. It’s a matter of marketing.

Chas Skelly’s Stats:

Nickname: Scrapper

Age: 24

Fighting Weight: 145 pounds

Height: 5’ 11”

Fight Camp: Fitness Fight Factory

Fighting Style: Wrestling

Place of Birth: Bedford, Texas (but grew up in Pennsylvania)

Favorite Pro MMA fighter: Nick Diaz and Dan Henderson

Sponsors: Able Communications, D&L Framing, Bassinger Fisheries, Fitness Fight Factory, Ultraviolent, and Mask Chiropractic