McKenzie stops Sylvester at SWC 11: Fury

When Frisco, Texas-based Supreme Warrior Championship announced its plans for SWC 11: Fury, many fight fans here in North Texas were beside themselves in excitement. Paramount to that feeling was the highly anticipated SWC 170-lbs. championship battle between former WEC title contender Marcus Hicks and the popular Mike “The Greek” Bronzoulis.

Unfortunately, that bout was scratched when Hicks was injured in training. But despite the obvious setback, not to mention a number of other fights on the card being scratched for one reason or the other, Supreme Warrior Championship soldiered on, and this past Saturday SWC 11: Fury took place at the Frisco Convention Center. Despite some of the more high profile fights removed from the card, a respectable crowd of MMA aficionados made their way to the north Dallas suburb to take in a night of cage fights.

The evening’s main event pitted Frisco’s Davis Sylvester against Extreme Fighting League flyweight champions Lewis McKenzie of Oklahoma City. Many believed that McKenzie was a giant leap in competition for the talented Sylvester. Such thinking became prophetic upon the onset of the fight. At 5-foot-10, McKenzie enjoyed over a 4-inch height advantage over Sylvester, and that advantage translated to definite edge in reach for McKenzie. Using this advantage to its utmost potential, McKenzie peppered Sylvester with a number of straight punches and hard knees. Sylvester tried mightily to take the fight to the ground, where his considerable jiu-jitsu acumen would give him the edge in the fight. Despite catching McKenzie in both a kimura and anaconda choke, Sylvester was unable to lock in the holds tight enough to force the tap. Conversely, McKenzie found that his reach allowed him to land punches flush thought Sylvester’s guard. This, in the end, is what carried McKenzie to victory in the second round. As Sylvester looked to defend his head against a flurry from McKenzie, he inevitably gave up his back. After McKenzie flattened him out, the resulting salvo of shots was enough to prompt the referee to stop the fight.

In the evening’s co-featured bout, Tucson’s Jacob “The Stunna” Ortiz and Sean “Black Magic” Spencer engaged in a three-round war that left fight fans hoarse from their cheers. Ortiz is no stranger to crowd-pleasing fights. His 2009 battle with Will Florentino at SWC 9 is still spoken about in revered tone for its beautiful brutality. Against Spencer, Ortiz kept the tradition of all-action cage intensity intact. Early on in the fight, Ortiz tried to take the fight to the ground where his wrestling ability would be served best. However, Spencer would have none of that and utilized some impressive takedown defense to keep the fight standing up. With Ortiz unable to take down Spencer, he was left to try and win using his striking skills. Unfortunately, Spencer’s boxing acumen was much greater than Ortiz’s, and Spencer was able to repeatedly land his right hand to the skull of Ortiz. The action hit a fevered pitch in the third round as both fighters, weary from battle, gave it their all in trying to decapitate each other with their punches. In the end, Spencer’s edge in striking carried him to a unanimous decision victory.

SWC 11: Fury Fight Results

  • Lewis McKenzie (10-3) by TKO over Davis Sylvester (5-3), (strikes, Rd. 2)

  • Sean Spencer (4-0) by unanimous dec. over Jacob Ortiz (3-2) (29-28 on all three cards)

  • Brandon Smith (4-0) by KO over Clay Hantz (4-3), (Rd. 1)

  • Edwin Figueroa (6-0) by TKO over Warren Stewart (5-11) (strikes, Rd. 2)

  • Tim Snyder (10-6-1) by majority dec. over Ryan Benoit (2-1). (29-27, 29-27, and 28-28)