TMS intends to make run at hosting Summer X Games

Texas Motor Speedway has signed a letter of intent to bid on becoming a host venue for ESPN's X Games beginning in 2014.

Here's the release:

Texas Motor Speedway officials are interested in a three-year hosting period for the summer edition of the X Games at the largest sports facility in the state of Texas. The speedway, which seats 138,122 and situated on 1,500 acres of property, has the ability to play host to all of the competition elements of the X Games.

Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage and his executive team attended this summer's X Games in Los Angeles to get a feel for the enormity and energy surrounding the event and returned intrigued by the games. ... The summer event requires venues that can accommodate courses ranging from rally car and motocross to skateboarding and BMX competition. The four-day event traditionally attracts between 80,000 and 100,000 spectators.

"I attended every event at this past summer's X Games in L.A. and it was one of the coolest events of my life," Gossage said. "... The X Games was the most action-packed and over-the-top sports event I've ever experienced, and I know Texas Motor Speedway could be the perfect home for ESPN's X Games. Every athlete is a bright, colorful character and I love that."