A.J. Foyt glad to see twin races return

A.J. Foyt remembers when the CART and USAC series used to run twin races on a more regular basis. That was 1967 to 1981 with 16 doubleheaders, including nine on ovals.

The concept returns Saturday night when two 275-kilometer (171-mile) races will run at Texas Motor Speedway.

"I think the fans will see two great races," Foyt said. "You can run good in one race and the next one you won’t. I used to like to run them. I did it and enjoyed them. You had to win both of them to be the overall winner when they started, but then everyone started crying that they might win one, but not the other and not get declared a winner."

Well, on Saturday, there will be two different celebrations at Victory Lane with each race counting half points and prize money. Of course, the same driver could win both races. Foyt did it twice.

The legendary driver said the strategy won't be very different between the races.

"They'll race hard," Foyt said. "The rookies might take it a little easier on the first race to get a feel for it, but you'll seee all-out racing."

Foyt said the best part of Saturday's events is that both races are under the lights.

"It’s going to be very interesting," Foyt said. "I like night racing. It’s more to see, more interesting. I’ve always liked it. If you got a good lights on a track, it’s not an issue. There's not much difference on seeing. The atmosphere is better. I grew up racing at night and always liked it better."