NASCAR's fingerprints all over post-race scene

The wild ending of Saturday night's race in Darlington has written another chapter in the sport's controversial history, and NASCAR fingerprints are all over is one.

As a result, NASCAR should not punish the two drivers involved: Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick.

The two spun at the end of the race and a steamed Harvick hunted down Busch after Regan Smith took the checkered flag. The two played a brief game of chicken on the front straight and then headed to pit road. Harvick blocked Busch's entrance to pit road. It took quite some time for Harvick to unhook his seat belts, remove the steering wheel, replace the steering wheel, remove it again, struggle to get out of the car with his HANS device on and finally climb out of the car. Then Busch dropped the clutch and pushed Harvick's unmanned car, which rolled into the pit wall.

So why the long play-by-play explanation?

To demonstrate that NASCAR had plenty of time to get one or more of their pit road officials, the pace car with NASCAR officials on board or any number of emergency vehicles stationed around the speedway to intervene.

But they didn't.

That call has to come from the NASCAR control tower.

So you have to take NASCAR at its word.

Boys, have at it.