Maicon Santos no big loss for FC Dallas

Earlier today, in news that didn't surprise many who know the situation at all, a quote from FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman surfaced saying what most already knew, that the club was going to go a different direction than bring back forward Maicon Santos.

On one hand, it’s a pretty glaring indictment of how badly the trade with Toronto FC that brought the South American striker to Frisco for off the bench energy guy Eric Avila has gone that FCD would give up on Santos this early.

On the other hand, there is plenty in Hyndman’s background, even at the professional level, to illustrate this is business as usual for the soccer sensei. Trust is a very big thing with Hyndman and after Santos underwent a dental procedure without the team knowing, and then chalked up his lack of finishing on the field to the medication he was on following the procedure, it was clear SH was more than a bit miffed about the whole situation.

In short, Santos had delivered a fatal one-two gut punch to his relationship with Hyndman, a blow that basically signaled that his time with FCD would be short.

One, Santos' lack of finishing on the field, where he did his best impression of former baseball player Kurt Bevacqua who Dodger manager Tommy LaSorda once said couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a [expletive] boat, gave Hyndman legitimate concerns about him going forward. And two, the whole tooth thing just cemented that lack of trust from the gaffer’s end.

To his defense, Hyndman was totally in the right. Here’s a guy in Santos who is new to the club who gets a dental procedure done without the team’s knowledge and when his form stinks, he chalks that up to the medication he’s on. How’s that for shattered trust?

Santos clearly has talent but while some were quite happy to see him come over from the Reds for a fan favorite in Avila, those a bit more detached from the situation wondered why TFC would cut him loose with so little fanfare.

Sure, Toronto has made some questionable personnel moves ever since they joined MLS but now that Mo Johnston is no longer pulling the strings up there, the moves have gotten much better and getting rid of Santos, at least from their standpoint, was a move they were more than willing to make.

It’s clear that things didn’t work out for Santos north of the border and now it looks like things haven’t gone so well for him here. That’s not an indictment of his character by any means but one has to wonder about him now that it’s happened twice. If it happened once, it could be chalked up to a difference in opinion or philosophy. But now that he will likely be leaving his second club in less than a year, one has to wonder.

Above all else, Hyndman is big on everyone being on the bus. Those that aren’t or who show no signs of coming aboard quickly fall by the wayside. Maybe the Santos thing is as simple as that. But from what he’s shown since he’s been here, it’s really no big loss, even with FCD’s current dearth of players up top.