FC Dallas news recap (10/21)

Steve Hunt talks possible playoff schedule and reports on Kevin Hartman's first bay back in full training.

FCD also has Hunt doing some stories on SMU. That's kinda interesting. Leone Cruz is mentioned, he first trained with FCD's pro team when he was 17 and in high school.

The busy Dario Sala participated with Pat Onstad in a soccer camp in McAllen on Oct 18 and 19. Sounds like this might become a yearly event if you are from that area.

Soccer365 talks a little stingy Dallas D and how it compares to RSL and the Seattle Sounders.

Anthony Wallace is doing well in Colorado apparently. Although I don't think Dallas considered him a midfielder so much.

The FCD official training report from yesterday.

There is a new MLS iPhone ap.

Speaking of iPhone aps, I'm told the ESPN/Dallas one is getting a major upgrade/update and that 3rd Degree's feed will be part of that.

Non-FCD stories

How come anytime people discuss how great Jaime Moreno is, they talk about all these goals he's scored. But they leave out the part about how 2/3s of them were PKs.

His 132 goals are tied with Jeff Cunningham of FC Dallas atop the all-time list — and Moreno has played in four fewer games.

Listen, Moreno is a great player, but he's not the best goal scorer in MLS history. Jeff Cunningham is currently tied with Jamie Moreno at 132. But Moreno has 43 PKs to Cunningham's 19. Let's tell it like it really is.

More on the Haitian Amputee Soccer Team.

Chris Klein and Eddie Lewis are also calling it quits at the end of the season. Add them to McBride and Moreno. Who else am I missing? Pat Onstad maybe? CJ Brown, yes.

With the Wizards' new stadium opening for 2011, this is kind of fun. A look back at the top five moments from Kansas City's run at CommunityAmerica Ballpark.

Goal.com gets in on the playoff format debate.

More fall out from the World Cup hosting votes scandal. This one isn't over yet.

MLS is apparently outdrawing the NBA in 5 markets. Of course the NBA charges way more and has a ton more games. But it's still fun to think of MLS doing this well.

Steve Davis is really, really happy Tom Hicks is out of soccer.

Hidden in this article about Garber and Toronto is this little gem...

Garber also announced on Tuesday an initiative to digitize 16 years of game tapes beginning with the MLS Cup championship games.

Now that is a great idea.