MLS Officially expands rosters to 30

MLS has announced the new roster rules for 2011 and it includes an increase in the salary cap as well as an increase in roster size to 30.

The salary cap is now $2,675,000 per club (an increase of about $120k per club), of which senior roster players 1 to 18(or 20) all count against the cap. Roster slots 19 and 20 do not have to be filed by the club and are optional. Senior roster players have a minimum salary of $42,000.

The maximum budget charge for a single player is $335,000. A Designated Player counts $335,000 against the club’s salary budget, unless the player joins his club in the middle of the season, in which case his budget charge will be $167,500.

Roster spots 21 to 30 don't count against the cap. Generation adidas player count on the roster in this section. These reserve players have a minimum salary of $32,600. These players can't turn 25 during the 2011 season. If a club choses they can have 2 less reserve players and use their two $32k budgets as allocation money instead.

Each MLS club has 8 international slots.