Dallas Burn or FC Dallas?

It's been a few years since the name change for the MLS team here in town from the Dallas Burn to FC Dallas. I, for one, am still on board with dropping Dallas Burn. I'm not sure FC Dallas was a home run, but it's a solid name that can last a long time.

I bring it up cause there is an excellent interview with MLS Commissioner Don Garber over at FanHouse in which Garber specifially mentions the FD name change.

The clubs are recognizing that they need to be locally connected, relevant sports teams playing the world's game. Part of that is how they brand and position themselves. The move to international branding is not something that I think diminishes their value as American sports teams. I'm totally okay with that. In fact, I'd rather have names like FC Dallas than the "Burn". I'm not sure what a "Dallas Burn" is. When we think of brands, does it resonate as a soccer brand? If it could be the name of a lacrosse team or a college sports team and it doesn't really resonate? Than I struggle as to how effective that brand can be.

(emphasis added)

So perhaps it's worth a moment of thought, do you like the FC Dallas moniker or does the name still give pause?