Fabian Castillo is a Designated Player

There has been a question, based on the reported purchase price, of whether new FC Dallas signing Fabian Castillo is a Designated Player or not.

Now, first time, there is direct evidence he is. Doug Quinn in a one on one with Bobby Rhine says...

The Designated Players that have been brought in up to this point have been older players that might have a few years left on their career, but brining in a young 18 year old in of his caliber to Major League Soccer, and specifically to our club, it shows that we're dedicated to long term development and long term success on the field.

So, Fabian Castillo is a designated player... or am I misinterpreting Quinn?

Edit: I confirmed it with FC Dallas, Castillo is indeed a Designated Player but it's only for this season. Castillo's transfer fee kicks his cap number up for this year, but next year he won't be a DP.