Depth chart analysis: goalkeepers

Goalkeeper is probably the easiest position in the FCD system to break down. There isn't any doubt about the top two spots, leaving only some questions in the lower level of the position.

#1 on the list is #1 on the roster, Kevin Hartman. There is absolutely zero doubt that is the top choice at keeper having just pulled off the best statistical season in MLS history with a 0.62 goals against average. The only question is if he can do it again.

With the departure of Dario Sala there is a new keeper behind Hartman, Chris Seitz. Seitz was once the golden boy of US Youth soccer, the next Tim Howard if you will. He has perhaps not quite lived up to that billing, but is still a relatively young (for keepers) 24 and started 23 games for Philadelphia Union last season. Seitz is capable of starting in MLS, has some experience, and could be the keeper of the future here. He should be good enough to apply pressure on Hartman for the starting spot this season as well, something coach Schellas Hyndman likes.

Behind Seitz is gets a little murky. At #3 in theory is Josh Lambo. However we have yet to see any evidence that Hyndman either likes or trusts Lambo. The last few seasons, after joining MLS at 17, FCD has been trying to get Lambo playing time in games. The death of the reserve league (which is now back) coincided with, give or take, Lambo's arrival in MLS. Two loan seasons have followed, neither with nearly as much PT as hoped. Even this season Seitz may get the bulk of PT in reserve games. As a consequence Lambo has not progressed, it appears, as much as everyone would have hoped. Leaving him in a tough position of needing to play and not being able to play.

It may be time for Lambo to look for a new team, because FCD now has a 4th keeper Richard Sanchez. Sanchez, signed at 16 from the FCD Academy, is a bright young talent who plays for the Mexico U17 side. Hyndman has called him the best goal keeper he has ever seen at his age. And that's saying something. If Hyndman is that jazzed about Sanchez, over the next couple of seasons the club may push to get Sanchez more PT in the reserve league.

You have to wonder where that will leave Lambo, if forced to got to a third keeper would he or Sanchez get the nod? It's an interesting question one hopes FCD does't have to answer.

Goalkeeper Depth Chart

1. Kevin Hartman

2. Chris Seitz

3. Josh Lambo

4. Richard Sanchez