2010-11 Developmental Academy playoffs at Pizza Hut Park next week

It's going to be quite busy at Pizza Hut Park next week as the 2010-11 Developmental Academy playoffs will be taking place there. 64 teams will be in town from June 24th to the 28th competing for the title. FC Dallas is ranked 2nd in the U17/18 bracket and 20th in the U15/16 level.

Each of the top two teams in the Development Academy’s 10 divisions earn automatic qualification to the Playoffs, with the remaining 12 spots open to wildcard teams that have the best overall points per game average across the full season. The 32 teams in each age group were placed into four pots based on overall seeding and were then randomly drawn into eight groups of four. The top finisher in each group will move on to the fourth annual Development Academy Finals Week, which will be held from July 9-16 at three venues in Milwaukee, Wis.

Charlotte Soccer Academy , Concorde Fire, Seattle Sounders FC, LA Galaxy, St. Louis Scott Gallagher Missouri, North Meck SC, North Carolina Fusion and Solar Chelsea SC represent the top-seeded teams in each of the eight groups at the U-15/16 age level.

CASL Chelsea FC, FC Dallas, Charlotte Soccer Academy, New York Red Bulls, Weston FC, PDA, Seattle Sounders FC and North Carolina Fusion are the top eight seeds in the U-17/18 age group, and will head the U-17/18 playoff groups.