Quote sheet: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

Opening thoughts...

Excellent performance tonight by FC Dallas against a very good team that has two good strikers and a team that plays a lot off free kicks and corner kicks. They had scored 18 goals total on restarts so it was something we were careful with.

Our players all stepped up tonight. You can’t put your finger on any one who was exceptional. They all had a good game. We need those types of performances to continue to get those three points [each game].

We went with one striker, Chavez who worked hard and made those runs. I thought Jackson and Brek had good performances on the flanks. In the second half, Eric Alexander came to light with some nice runs and penetrating passes. Our defense had a shutout. [It was] just a very, very good team performance.

On the two goals off set pieces…

We made a change with Daniel Hernandez on services. Those two goals were great. I didn’t think we were getting the best out of services and we wanted to put someone there who could knock a dangerous ball in.

On George John’s goal …

We seem to do really well when our defenders score a goal. I think there is a lot of determination. The guys rally around it. Our defense showed great determination. When you look at the night Kenny (Cooper) had tonight was really not effective. Everywhere he went there was someone determined to stop him from getting a shot off.

Coach Hyndman post game...

FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman

On the Dallas Inferno "Hartman. Legend." Poster…

It kind of makes me embarrassed because I don't think of myself that way, but I love the picture and I love the fact that I have that kind of support. It really means a lot to me.

On another shutout…

It's one of those things where we're back to a goal a game. We've had some barn burners -- we gave up four against [Sporting] Kansas City and we gave up three last time we played against Portland. I think overall it puts us in good shape to be giving up about a goal a game.

On others helping out in the scoring department…

When we found out Fabian wasn't going to be here on Monday afternoon, it was something we had to figure out how we were going to go about the lineup for the weekend. The guys had a reserve game away in West Texas on Tuesday and they didn't get back for Wednesday training, so we really only had Thursday and Friday to work as a group. I thought the guys performed pretty admirably and dealt with the situation.

FC Dallas defender George John

On team's determination…

The last game we played [at home] we got smoked by [Sporting] Kansas City, so we wanted to make a point today and treat our fans to a win. We wanted to prove that this is our home field and it's tough to beat us out here.

On his goal…

We were getting quite a few corners at that point of the game and I knew Daniel [Hernandez] was trying to find me. I was fighting for position and was able to get my head on the ball. At first, I thought it went in, but no one confirmed it then I saw Ugo [Ihemelu] laughing, so I was pretty sure it was a goal after that. It was good to get a goal.

FC Dallas midfielder Daniel Hernandez

On the scoring outburst…

I think there were several guys who really had excellent games. I think they stepped up and as a whole we all played a great game. We kept putting the pressure on Portland. It's a tough place to play with the heat and I thought everyone who participated tonight did a great job.

Hernandez post game...

FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd

On his first MLS goal…

I was just really excited and happy. Daniel [Hernandez] played a great ball to the back post and I basically just had to jump and put my head on it. I was very happy with the goal and happy with the result tonight.

Portland Timbers head coach John Spencer

Thoughts on the game

I thought we were very poor. From the first moment to the last, we never matched them at all, never got close to them, never tackled them, never ran with them, just a poor, poor performance.

After tonight, you return home to face Sporting Kansas City, what do you all have to do to get back on the right track?

It’s awesome. We return home and we are so good at home. You have to be a man to play on the road. You’ve got to man up and be strong. Most of these teams are going to be ready for you and Dallas was tonight.

What was the difference in tonight’s game?

They score four and we never (scored). They had more shots on goals than us. Their players were running and moving off the ball better than we did from the start to the finish and played with a lot more confidence and desire than we did.

What are your thoughts about this Dallas team?

I think they have some tremendous forward players on their team. They have four to five players that can change the pace of the game. They can cover 50 to 60 yards in a blink of an eye and when you’ve got pace like that along with a natural talent like Brek Shea and (Marvin) Chavez, they are going to cause you problems. If you don’t run with this Dallas team, track them and be physical with them and match their energy levels, they are going to do what that did to us tonight.

Kenny Cooper- Portland Timbers Forward

Thoughts on tonight’s game

It was disappointing honestly. It was definitely not the result we were looking for, so it was definitely disappointing.

What do you all need to do to ride the ship on the road?

I believe in this group that we have. I have a lot of confidence in our coaches and my teammates and I believe we are going to get back on track and hopefully we can do that next week.

Mamadou Danso- Portland Timbers Defender

General thoughts on the game

I feel like they were a better team today. I feel like in the first half both of the teams didn’t play to their best of ability but they finished their chances. They were definitely the better team in the 90 minutes.

How do you regroup going back home next week vs. Sporting KC?

We have to quickly turnaround and get it out of our heads and try to move on to the Kansas City game. They came here [Dallas] and won here so they are going to have that courage coming in to our place to play well. We should not lose back to back games. We haven’t won a game in five games so we have to get off to a good start to the second half of the season.