Brek Shea relaxes himself through art

FRISCO, Texas -- FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea is becoming one of the biggest names in MLS, as evident by his first career All-Star selection. As one of the top goal scorers in the league, there's an illusion opposing teams view displaying a target on Shea's back

Given his passion for art and highly noted spontaneous character, Shea might have somehow converged the red and white stripes on his FC Dallas jersey to illustrate the expression.

Shea, who is tied for fourth in MLS with seven goals this season -- behind such international names such Thierry Henry, Landon Donovan and Charlie Davies -- had always liked art as a kid, but a friend inspired him to give it a shot in his free time. Shea started using a small canvas to express himself, allowing him to experiment.

“It’s fun to me -- just like soccer is fun to me -- but it’s good, it’s relaxing,” Shea said. “Artists say they express themselves. I don’t know if I do that, but I have fun doing it so it’s relaxing.”

But just like his soccer game, Shea’s skills have evolved over time. He played around with different colors and developed a greater understand of a color scheme. He used acrylic paint as his medium of choice because he loved the bright colors and how they popped out on a canvas.

Shea usually spends his Mondays after a game and Tuesdays as his time to work from his studio. His artwork is relativity themed around an abstract concept or body art.

“I don’t want to say I’m different, but I like doing things that some people wouldn’t like to do,” Shea said. “Most people wouldn’t do hair like this, most people don’t want to go home and do art. I just like to have fun.”

Shea has used his pieces as auction items to raise money for different foundations, including DFW Giving Back and recently the FC Dallas Foundation. Shea’s artwork raised over $10,000 for the FC Dallas Foundation, which provides scholarships to kids in the FC Dallas Academy who can’t afford the cost and helps pay for the clinics held across the Metroplex.

“You just look at him from his tattoos and talking to him, you can just tell he’s a different type of person but he’s a great guy,” defender Ugo Ihemelu said. “I think every locker room should have a guy like him. I can’t say enough good things about him soccer-wise and as a person, he’s just a great person.”

Shea's website has plenty of pictures displaying his artwork.