Gabbing with the gaffer - July 18, 2011

FC Dallas held a relatively short recovery session on Monday and the team will leave tomorrow morning for Toronto where they will face the revamped Reds on Wednesday night at BMO Field. They will remain away from home the rest of the week since their next match is on Saturday at Red Bull Arena against New York.

Here’s more from FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman.

How is Daniel Hernandez?

Hyndman: He did well. I thought there was a level of fatigue in the game just because he has been trying to rest his knee. A little bit of swelling in it from the game, which we kind of anticipated but it wasn’t a lot of swelling, so that’s a good sign. Right now, it’s just keeping him on course. The problem we’re running into is it’s just so difficult with all the games. We’re going up to Toronto, who didn’t play this past weekend. So they’ve already had like 14 days off before they see us and we’ve had three games in the meantime. And we’re traveling, so it just gets tougher and tougher for us. So everything for me right now is to try and rotate players and trying to keep people positive.

So, does surgery with Hernandez remain a wait-and-see thing?

Hyndman: Yeah, I think so. I really do.

How many guys are traveling for this trip?

Hyndman: We’ll travel 20.

Is Galindo healthy enough to make this trip?

Hyndman: He probably needs another week to 10 days. He’s probably about 90 percent recovered. Unfortunately, because he’s had a couple of knocks, couple of injuries, he hasn’t built that great base of fitness. Even though a guy is 90 percent ready to go, if he has a good base, you could risk it. If you don’t have a good base, that 90 percent might be on really thin ice to get a different injury.

Do you have interest in Kenny Cooper?

Hyndman: Absolutely, Schellas and FC Dallas have always enjoyed Kenny and working with Kenny. When he left, he was the face of the franchise, face of the team. I think people still remember that face. He had a great reception when he was here but you have to be careful at this point in time. What are they wanting? Most people want our whole defense. You get Kenny and that’s great. What can you give up and still have a strong team?

How is Hartman holding up and is it about time we see Seitz in there for a game or two?

Hyndman: Yeah, you would hope so but I think we need a little bit more from Chris. Kevin seems to be holding up all right

Talk about the recent form of Bruno Guarda.

Hyndman: He did [all right on Saturday]. We went into a 4-4-2 and he brought some energy, won some balls and worked hard for us. He’s a player that should be contributing for us.

Will it be good to see Dax McCarty again?

Hyndman: Yeah, as I said to De Rosario, we’re looking forward to him maybe one day playing for FC Dallas. He’s played for almost every other team.

Where are you guys at with adding players in the transfer window?

Hyndman: We’re working on it very hard. We have areas of concern-our defense. Area of concern is our midfield, especially with Daniel now a little bit banged up and an area of concern we’ve had for a year and a half is striker. I can just say that we are continuing to work on this and we want to be active. To be active, it has to be the right player not only soccer wise, position wise but character wise. So we’re still working on it.