Match Grades: FC Dallas v Alianza FC

Good times continue in Frisco as FC Dallas completed their mission in their opening round of CONCACAF Champions League. The 2-0 aggregate over Alizana doesn't really tell the truth of just how superior Dallas was over the El Salvadorian side.

Not much to blather on about here, but a highlighter should be swiped across the performances of Hernandez, Villar and Guarda, who simply dominated the midfield for Dallas. Villar and Guarda in particular should be given extra credit for coming through will continuously improved performances at such a critical time in Dallas' season.

Seeing FCD play in a league different from MLS is such an odd and wonderful sight, and we can only hope the front office is successful in finding ways to attract fans to the upcoming group matches.

Dallas should take great pride in the flowing praise Alianza coach, Roberto Gamarra, heaped on the club, its coaches and players after the match. "They are very good. They have a great infrastructure here. They have good players, big players, physically, technically strong. They have everything to form a good roster that any coach would want to be in charge of this team. They are very balanced all over the field. They are difficult to beat because they are a solid team."


Hartman: 8 - Didn't have to make the stunning save as in the first match, got lucky w/ the post on the chip - but remains a wall for Dallas

Loyd: 6 - Twice got murdered on a simple step over to the inside

George: 7 - Much better than the first match

Ugo: 9 - A really great performance all around

Benitez: 6 - His crosses were lacking all night and you wish he'd consider occasionally driving deep into the attacking 3rd just to change it up.

Shea: 4 - The target of a lot of attention, and he let it get to him. Hyndman needs to rest him as wear and tear is understandably showing

Chavez: 6 - So prefer him attacking from out wide than up top

Jackson: 5 - Oh how, Dallas cannot afford to lose him for a period of time

Hernandez: 7 - Free kicks aside, he's this team's driving force

Villar: 8 - Extra point because he's come so far and he's putting in 90 minutes

Guarda: 7 - Reduction of turnovers and lots of movement off the ball… Good boy.