Bobby Rhine in his own words

As I struggled today to wrap my mind around the passing of Bobby Rhine, I did what I imagine a lot of fans might have done. I surfed the internet looking for him.

What I found was endless stories and articles about him; anecdotes from fans, players, and coaches; pics of him as both a player and broadcaster; videos of Bobby as both a player; videos he had made working for FCD; and numerous tributes of all kinds.

One video stuck with me more than anything else I found and I kept coming back to it in my mind. It's Bobby Rhine speaking about himself.

Bobby had very little ego about him, he always spoke of what a privilege it was to play the game of soccer at a professional level, how honored he felt by the respect and admiration of fans and compatriots. He frequently, at least in my opinion, vastly undersold the level of his talent and his contribution to FC Dallas.

In this video, which FCD made to recognize Bobby's 200th game for FCD, he speaks about the evolution of FCD foremost and only at the end does he speak about himself. That was the Bobby Rhine I knew, team before self. It will not surprise those that knew him, but the memory he mentioned as being perhaps his quintessential moment is the one where he was playing hurt and in pain, yet still working his tail off and scoring.

That was Bobby Rhine in a nut shell.... 100% effort in every single thing he ever did. Pure heart. Always.

So here it is, Bobby Rhine, in his own words.